ROXSTAsmart has been reduced to the essential components. As an operator, you receive a fully functional and intelligent unit for safe refrigeration of your products with little space required. As a specialist in refrigeration, you receive a unit for the simple and comprehensible handling of CO2.  Handling, installation, control and maintenance are manageable and can be carried out easily. The standardised model allows for fast delivery.


(t0 MT -5 °C / t0 LT -35 °C / tGK +36 °C)

  • Medium temperature cooling up to 160 kW
  • Low temperature cooling up to 27 kW
  • Transcritical version without low temperature cooling also available

Design pressure

  • 30 bar suction line (low temperature)
  • 45 bar suction line (medium temperature)
  • 60/80 bar medium pressure
  • 120 bar high pressure side

Completely mounted and tubed unit

  • Medium and low temperature cooling – frequency converter included
  • Oil regulation system
  • Safety devices conform to DIN EN 378
  • Switch cabinet with electronic control – Wurm Systeme
  • Regulated post-injection
  • Ball stop valve before and after the high and medium pressure valves
  • Ball stop valve in the common discharge line of the medium temperature cooling
  • Suction filter in combination with ball stop valve in the suction line – both for MT and LT 
  • Liquid set consisting of two ball stop valves, liquid filter and sight glass
  • Heat exchanger for suction gas superheat in low temperature cooling
  • Insulation on suction side
  • Antivibration pads for optimal positioning with low vibration
  • Safety valve station 


  • Exterior installation possible
  • A sustainable concept for refrigeration by using natural refrigerants
  • Price is comparable to conventional F-gas-systems
  • Compatible gas coolers complete the system as a whole
  • Compact construction
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Prepiped and prewired
  • Tested completely and in full compliance with CE-standards
  • Minimal installation effort
  • Production method with few soldering points leads to minimal leak rates
  • Bending of K65-tubing with a fully automatic bending machine
  • Testing of each unit on 132 bar pressure strength before delivery
  • Precision tightness test of each unit with a helium/ nitrogen mixture
  • Recognises a leak rate of up to 1 g/year
  • Use excess heat for the generation of your heating water


Small to medium supermarkets, small logistics warehouses or when cooling fruits or vegetables

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