AK-PC 782A - pack controller for CO2

The new AK-PC 782A offers fully integrated pack control in transcritical CO2 booster packs. Where previously multiple controllers were needed, AK-PC 782A performs all necessary control functions as one, integrated solution. The integrated control leads to precise regulation and high efficiency even in challenging operational conditions. AK-PC 782A handles up to eight MT and four LT compressors.


AK-PC 782A introduces floating receiver pressure control. This feature has been measured to return energy savings of up to four percent in warmer climates. Precise regulation, improved efficiency and enhanced user-friendliness are some of the highlights of the new controller. AK-PC 782A replaces AK-PC 781 in most transcritical CO2 applications.

Technical specifications:

  • One controller for up to 12 compressors
    • 8 MT/IT (IT = parallel compression) + 4 LT
  • Gas cooler and High Pressure system control
  • Floating Receiver Pressure control
  • Heat recovery control
  • Oil flow and oil pressure control
  • General purpose IO (25pcs)
  • General purpose PI controllers (3pcs)
    • By Quick Selection of the most common applications
  • Enhanced local and remote User Experience


  • Easy to install, commission and use in daily operation thanks to the wizard-like set-up tool
  • Fine-tuning to achieve optimum operating conditions can be performed remotely
  • offers control of several other functions, including floor heating, space heating and pumps
  • The graphic interface has been greatly improved to support easy trouble-shooting and service during daily operation

"AK-PC 782A marks an important step in electronically delivered services and data management. The new controller not only ensures high performance and efficiency, but also returns real-time and actionable data, allowing fast response to alarms and optimized operation at all times”, says Product Manager, Brian Skov.

AK-PC 782A is available now through all Danfoss sales channels.


  • Commercial Refrigeration

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