Highlights from ATMOsphere Europe 2019 conference

The ATMOsphere Europe 2019 conference took place in Warsaw, Poland, on October 16-17. Here are some highlights from the event.

shecco CEO Marc Chasserot welcoming the ATMOsphere Europe 2019 attendees.

The 10th edition of ATMOsphere Europe gathered more than 350 manufacturers, policy makers, end users and contractors, from more than 190 organizations to learn about the latest technology and market developments involving natural refrigerants.

The conference – hosted by shecco, at the Airport Hotel Okęcie in Warsaw, Poland,  on October  16-17, provided a forum for discussing the future of sustainable heating and cooling.

Below are some key quotes from the event. To see presentations from the event, click here. 


By TIne Stausholm (@TStausholm)

Oct 21, 2019, 10:31

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