UPDATE: EuroShop 2014: Most ever CO2 commercial refrigeration products on show

By Janaina Topley Lira, Mar 17, 2014, 12:47 4 minute reading

From 16 – 20 February, more than 109,000 trade visitors, representing 110 nations, attended EuroShop 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany. R744.com’s on site reporters were impressed by the massive presence of natural refrigerant solutions as compared to EuroShop 2011, and suggest this could be the highest concentration of CO2 commercial refrigeration and heating technology at any specialised trade show. In part 1, R744.com looks at innovations among CO2 system supp

No longer are natural solutions represented only as prototypes at small booths lining the outskirts of the halls. Anticipating the effects of the upcoming F-Gas Regulation Revision and in response to market demands, commercial refrigeration system and component suppliers are investing heavily in developing natural refrigerant solutions, including for use of R744 in warmer climates, challenging the “efficiency equator”, and for use in convenience stores.
CO2 commercial refrigeration systems presented by R744.com Gold partners:
Advansor: In addition to celebrating having sold 1000 units of its standard system since 2009, Advansor also displayed its new low-cost solution to bridge the gap between conventional R404a condensing systems and those using R744, the Super XS Value Pack. The Value Pack is not only value-engineered to be price competitive with units using HFCs, but is also designed to fit smaller store formats, namely convenience and express stores. Around 30% cost savings as compared to a standard CO2 booster system can be expected, according to Advansor. Also presented were Advansor’s Sigma units, which provide single pack solutions satisfying all cooling and heating requirements, and its CO2 condensing units for small shops. 

Among the broad range of sustainable refrigeration products on display, Carrier presented the latest addition to its CO2OLtec family, the CO2OLtec Integral, which provides a fully integrated approach for refrigeration, space heating and cooling, and ventilation. In addition, Carrier also showcased a number of new concepts supporting a value-driven move toward natural refrigerants for small-store formats.
Green & Cool: In this CO2 dedicated booth, Green & Cool presented its new Co2ilclean unit, a simple solution to the transition problem between HFCs to CO2. Also showcased were new solutions for the use of CO2 in hot climates. The Sirocco CO2NVINPACK is compact and aimed for application in convenience stores in areas with hot climates which causes the pack to increase its COP. In addition, different versions of its CO2 rack Sirocco were on display. 

CO2 commercial refrigeration systems presented by R744.com Silver partners:
SCM Frigo: Featured at the SCM Frigo booth was the company’s latest generation of CO2 booster racks, which are applicable in supermarkets as well as light industrial use and can manage full heat recovery. Also on display was SCM Frigo’s UMCE compressor pack, designed for low temperature applications with a cascade subcritical system.

CO2 Commercial refrigeration systems presented by R744.com Bronze partners:

Active in the field of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, Frigo-Consulting had a booth highlighting their extensive experience in heating and cooling technology, which includes CO2 systems for supermarkets.
Frost Trol: A range of cabinets were on display at the Frost Trol booth, a company which incorporated the frostCO2 product line exclusively designed for the use of CO2 as a refrigerant in 2011. 
CO2 Commercial refrigeration systems presented by other companies:
Arneg: This year, Arneg revealed its new CO2 Transcritical Booster system suitable for both low and medium temperature usage. The Silent Rack SR demonstrates energy efficiency and silent operation. Arneg confirmed that high interest in CO2 solutions is coming from Spain especially, where recently announced HFC taxes will steeply increase the cost of HFCs over the next few years. 
Cözüm: This Turkish company showcased its new subcritical CO2-R134a/R404a cascade system and its transcritical CO2 booster system. The system manufacturer is currently testing to see which refrigerant (R134a or R404a) runs more efficiently within the cascade system; first results are expected this summer.  Cözüm has worked with Carrefour on introducing CO2 cascade and transcritical solutions to Turkey but would require more market and policy support as well as proactive component suppliers to advance natural refrigerant use in the country, including the use of ammonia in combination with CO2.  The company also confirmed that natural refrigerants, either CO2 or hydrocarbons, would be the best future solution for Turkey’s food retail business, which is, albeit a few years delay, expected to follow European Union rules on restricting the use of F-gases.
EPTA: Among the vast array of green technologies to be found at the Epta booth, CO2 systems on display included: EPTAGREEN, a natural refrigerant fridge compressor pack designed for medium-large stores as well as ECO2-Large and ECO2-small full booster CO2. The ECO2-small is designed to be able to fit in very small machine rooms.
ISA: This Italian company has launched Project Aria: “to develop while respecting the environment.” Displayed at the booth were a number of plug-in solutions that use CO2 as a natural refrigerant and wielded the aria symbol. ISA is ready to work with food retailers worldwide to reduce the complexity of CO2 units in medium and smaller sized stores, and thereby reduce costs for installation, maintenance and operation. In addition, the flexible solutions ISA offers allow food retailers to move equipment throughout the store, as no piping systems are required for their products, as compared to remote units. 




By Janaina Topley Lira

Mar 17, 2014, 12:47

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